Pre-Legal Collection

You may be asking yourself what should I do with this account that has turned into a bad debt? Should I use a Recoup Limited or my local Solicitor? When answering this question you should remember that statistically a debt that is over 90 days outside of your trading terms, has only a 75% chance of being collected and a debt that is more than 6 months outside of terms has a 50% chance of successful recovery.

This percentage halves every 3 months after that. What is unknown to most is that even with the high costs of going legal and obtaining a judgement these percentages remain the same.

Recoup Limited specialises in collections of unpaid accounts, it’s all we do. At Recoup Limited we make our money by collecting your debts as quickly as possible and remember, we work on a NO SUCCESS NO FEE basis.

  • Solicitors make their money by not collecting the accounts, as the longer the debt remains unpaid the more they will have do and as they get paid regardless of outcome do you really think that they’re in a rush to collect.
  • Recoup Limited has the specialist computer systems and processes that enable our staff to act proactively in recovering your money.
  • Solicitors will await your instructions at each and every stage of the process, thus losing the momentum that needs to be maintained when dealing with a debtor.
  • Recoup Limited’s non-legal collections process will move forward at much quicker pace than a Solicitors process. Solicitors are dealing with a slow and costly court system.
  • With Recoup Limited you will not incur any hefty court costs when using our non-legal collection strategy.
  • Recoup Limited only get paid when you do.

Our processes and formulated strategies work. That’s why we can offer you a NO SUCCESS NO FEE solution for your overdue accounts. If you feel that the time has come to collect your money, don’t hesitate any longer contact us on (056) 780 0025 or fill out the enquiry form on the right and we will contact you shortly.

P.S. You may be wondering how we are able to collect when you can’t. If your customer needs to pay €20000 in bills each month but only has €10000, you need to get your name to the top of the payment list fast, when Recoup contacts the debtor by telephone, letters and by knocking on their door it focuses their mind to clear your account as they know we are not going away until its paid.

NO FOAL, NO FEE Collections – Act Now

Don’t let bad debts slip away. To contact us for an honest appraisal of your circumstances, call us on (056) 780 0025, email us, or complete the quick contact form to the right. Our experienced, friendly staff are on hand to offer help and advice.