Debt Collection in Ireland


  • We won’t charge you in case we don’t recoup your money.
  • We offer cheaper solutions as compared to a solicitor.
  • Solicitors charge you high fees whereas we ask you to pay only when we are successful.
  • You won’t have to give high court fees if you use our services.
  • We specialize only in collections.
  • We’ll help you significantly reduce the number and value of accounts written off per annum.
  • We’ll enable you to stop the trend of chasing good money after bad money.
  • You will be able to boost the cash flow.
  • We deliver with more speed than a straight to legal process.
  • We have planned our communications so it could yield result.
  • We find out where your long-term overdue accounts stand.
  • We do recoup collections for our clients whether they have one debt or 1000.
  • We help our clients work out a customized collections strategy so it could suit their specific requirements.
  • We allow you to retain control of your collections process.
  • We function as per the code of practice for the CSA.
  • We have got registered with the data protection commissioner, and we act in accordance with their rules.
  • We keep all the monies collected in a separate trust account so that it could easily be reimbursed.
  • Again, we assure you that we won’t charge you unless we are successful in recovering your money.