Legal Collection

Whilst we would never recommend going straight down the legal route (due to the high costs), there are always going to be cases that can only be resolved by heading to court, these include where there is disagreement in the amount being charge, quality of workmanship or service you have provided.

We always recommended a non-legal collections strategy is pursued at the first instance to either get payment in full, negotiate a settlement or just to ascertain the chances of a successful recovery should negotiations fail.

What you do not want is…

  • The high cost of going legal.
  • The long time frame that court action usually entails.
  • The chance that high costs are awarded against you.
  • 75% of successful court cases still end in non payment of the judgement, leaving you with no money and a legal bill.

Recoup Limited can…

  • Recoup Limited will examine the claim, your paperwork and the debtor and advise you of our professional opinion. We are not Solicitors and thus will not give legal advice, only the benefit of our past experiences.
  • If you do decide that you still would like to go legal we can manage that process on your behalf through our agreement with our solicitors this will enable you to get the benefit of our buying power decreasing the overall costs of the legal process, whilst still getting every aspect proactively managed.

NO FOAL, NO FEE Collections – Act Now

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